Shirley Murdock and Melba Moore on Show Talk Radio

Yes ladies and gentlemen!!! For those of us that enjoy the divine Shirley Murdock and the soulful Melba Moore, my Facebook friend Ms. Angela Butler will be talking with them on her show “Show Talk with Angela Butler.  You can listen to this show on August 15, 2014 at 7pm EST 6pm CST.  I am truely excited about this broadcast and hear what these two music icons have to say.  Join Us!!!


I’m Clicking For Babies

I belong to Creative Expressions Crochet Group on every second Saturday from 10:30am to 1pm at the Covington Highway Library and we have taken on a project I am really proud of.  We are clicking for babies.

According to the website is a grassroots public education campaign organized by the National Center for the Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) in partnership with hospitals, public health and child abuse prevention groups to create awareness to the leading trigger for infant abuse, frustration with crying.

During the campaign, communities all across North America donate handmade stitched in all shades of purple.  Along with these caps, new parents receive a video, booklet and bedside information describing the period of PURPLE crying (a period of time when infant crying increases; beginning when infants are about two weeks old, peaking in the second month and ending around the third to fifth month).

The goal for Clicking For Babies Georgia is 450 caps.  If you are a crocheter or want to donate some yarn, please contact me at any shade of soft purple yarn would be appreciated.  The caps can be of other colors as long as 50% of the cap is purple.


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By His Hands On Facebook

First let me thank all of you that are voting by email.  If you have a Facebook account, let me make things a little easier for you.  Go to and sign in.  You will be on my page, click photos and then look at all the patterns.  Click the ones you want to vote for and then click like.  I am adding pictures of patterns all this month.  In September, I will announce the winners and begin making them over the fall and winter months.  I will delete pictures so I can start over again for the next six months.  Vote often so you can see your favorites in September.


You Are Voting

Hello Everyone!!!

i would just like to say thanks to all the people that are looking at my pattern pictures and voting.  I have decided to run this through the month of August to give everyone a chance to look at the pictures and vote.  Don’t forget to go to to see the pictures and you can vote one of three ways:, inbox me on Facebook or  If you are interested in joining my mailing list, you can leave that request on my email address.  Be sure to specify what you would like to receive or you will receive everything.

Thanks guys, I will reveal the winning photo patterns in September.

Time For New Projects

Hello Everyone!!! 

I am finishing the last three projects for the summer and I am choosing projects to complete over the next three months.  So I would like to offer an opportunity to all of you that have liked my page, joined my mailing list, or read my blogs.  I would like to know what your favorite patterns are.  Every picture is on my Facebook Page so take a look and vote.  I will let you know what the winners are before I start purchasing yarn.  You can order anything you see.  You can inbox me on Facebook, by email at or leave me a comment on my blog

Pictures Can Be Found At


Pretty Simple Bag Or Tote

I found this pattern on the Crochet’N’Crafts website.  I don’t make a lot of bags, I think I’m going to try this one.  I have supplied a link for the pattern just in case you like it as much as I do.  Don’t crochet but love the bag? Hit me up and let’s talk.


50 Cent sells show to Comedy Central

I have been reading an old issue of Black Enterprise (January 2011) about How Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Built His Business Empire. In my reading I came across the fact that he has a blog, so I looked him up. Never thought he would be on WordPress.

106.7 WTLC


50 Cent is expanding his television ventures into the realm of comedy. 50 announced on Instagram that he “just sold another TV show,” this time to Comedy Central. He didn’t give any details of the program. however, he did use the opportunity to take a shot at his critics, writing “I bet a hater will get tired of hating.” Fifty Cent is currently the executive producer on the new Starz drama series “Power.”
Apart from his work behind the scenes, he also has a recurring role in the series.” power” starts Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a nightclub owner who is also a drug kingpin.


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If My Tree Falls On My Neighbors Property, Who Is responsible?

I was sitting on my porch swing yesterday when I watched a tree limb fall for no apparent reason and blocked the traffic. My first thought was I am glad no cars were hit by the limb. So as an interest I am re blogging this post.

Sarasota Real Estate

If My Tree Falls On My Neighbors Property, Who Is responsible?
Tree on car
Hurricane Season is here.  And with it the worrisome thoughts for pending storm damage.  Trees uprooting due to heavy rain and wind is common in our area of Sarasota, Florida.  Trees fall for other reasons such as the natural death of a tree or a tree could fall because of construction and the planned removal gone bad.  With so much building going on in Sarasota, Florida, we see many areas where trees are removed to make way for new construction.But in each of these situations where your tree topples onto your neighbor’s property, when are you liable? Here’s a general overview:

In a construction zone many licensed contractors will have liability insurance that will cover these sorts of damages, so you may not have to bear the liability.  But if it is determined that the fatal fallen tree…

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A Choice Of The Heart

A Choice Of The Heart.

A Choice Of The Heart

As I sit and write this post I am dealing with two issues. I love to crochet. I crochet all day and plan my work around my crochet time. If I see that my working will take away from my crochet time, I pack my crochet in it’s own little bag and take it with me. No, this is not my issue (LOL). I was on a bible study conference line last Tuesday my Sister-In-Christ started and one of the callers made a statement about tithing. “If you are not able to give 10% of your earnings-give 10% of your time”. WOW!!! This really struck a cord in me because I have been trying to find places to donate some of my work to. I have tried calling different places and there are so many restrictions or people will not call me back.

As you can tell by the name of my crochet business “By His Hands” that I truly believe my love for crochet is truly a gift from God. Though I do sell my work, there are things and times I make to give. The hearts in this post I made to give as Valentine Bibs for babies born on February 14th. Though not in either one of my online shops, I do sell them for $2.50 at my local events. I would really like some help with my two issues, giving 10% of what I make and finding a place I can work with to help people.


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